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Below are some links you may find helpful as you work through the registration process. If you have any questions while registering, please don't hesitate to contact us at 330-548-SWIM (call or text) or (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) we are happy to help!

Team Information 

Competitive Team Information 

Competitive Team Info Packet
Competitive Team Registration
First Practice is September 7th

Rec Team Information

Recreational Team Info Packet (includes session dates)
Recreational Team Registration-Fall 2017  (First practice September 11)
Recreational Team Registration-Winter1 2017 (First practice November 6)
Recreational Team Registration-Winter2 2017 (First practice January 8)
Recreational Team Registration-Spring 2018 (First practice April 16)

 Independent High School Swimmers

High School Registration (First practice October 27)

 More information on High School Swimming: How High School Swimming fits with your child

  • Competitive Team: The competitive team is our most comprehensive program and is for swimmers who want to train 5 days a week both before, during, and after high school season.  Swimmers are registered USA Swimming athletes and are expected to attend USA meets before and after high school season, as well as OHSAA HS Sanctioned meets during High School Season.   Practice is September 12-Mid March.  There are three payment options: up front, two installments or monthly installments.
    • Pre/Post Team: This is for swimmers who HAVE a school-sponsored team (South Range, Canfield, etc).  Train up to 5 days/week before the season and swim USA meets until your first HS Meet.  Come back to Piranhas after HS season and swim at Senior champs!  Also if you sign up for this option, you can come swim with Piranhas anytime throughout the season.
  • High School Only (Nov-Feb): This group is for high school athletes who wish to represent their high school but DO NOT have a school sponsored team.  Practice options include 3 days a week and 5 day a week options. Practice starts November 7-February. There are two payment options-one installment or two installments.  *please note* High School parents are required to complete service points just like the competitive team.
    Athletes that wish to train before high school season without the competitive team commitment may join the "Teen Fit" group located below.
  • Teen Fit: (PreSeason/Recreational)  4, 7-week sessions throughout the season. No meets or service point requirements. Swimmers can register for the Fall session to get "pre-season" training.  Swimmers can register for any or all sessions. 


Swimmers will need their equipment on the first day of practice.  You can see what they need in your information packets.  We recommend purchasing your equipment through  and always shopping through the Piranha Aquatics link.  When you shop this way, 10% comes back to the Piranha program.

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Our Mission:

To employ the sport of swimming to develop a culture of inclusion, build community, and provide opportunities for all people to benefit from a lifelong love of aquatics.


A child-centered, developmentally appropriate approach to swimming

Whether you are looking for recreational, competitive or private lessons, we have a place for your child.


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